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I-QFC is awarded $4.69 M grant to expand into Queensland communities

30 July 2023

I-QFC is awarded $4.69 M national grant

We are proud to announce that we have received funding to roll out our Indigenous Queensland Family Cohort Study across QLD! We have brought together an experienced team to support the design and implementation with partnered, community-led organisations. A team of Indigenous health workers are at the frontline and will work with local community-controlled services and Health and Hospital Services to ensure families can access immediate interventions and support services. Ultimately, this 4.69m grant from the NHMRC CTCS scheme, the largest in Mater Research history, will allow these short-term goals of healthcare access for Indigenous families and inform long-term policy change that will benefit First Nations Peoples across the nation.

Read more about the grant here!

Congratulations to Kym and the team!

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