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Participating in the Queensland Family Cohort allowed me to tune into my pregnany and post-partum symptoms

7 June 2023

Young Qld mum Amanda warns ‘bowel cancer doesn’t discriminate’

We are grateful that when joining the Indigenous Queensland Family Cohort Amanda took charge of her health, changing her story and advocating and raising awareness so others can change theirs.

Amanda told the Queensland Family Cohort team: "I think had it not have been for the frequent samples required for the QFC I may not have been so tuned in to my pregnancy and the symptoms that I had been experiencing during pregnancy and post partum. The delay in diagnosis was extremely frustrating, however as I come closer to the end of my treatment I am sure that I will be cancer free."

We wish Amanda nothing but the best for her health. Read about Amanda's story here or view it on Sunrise here.

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